Who We Are

Sobriety WOD is brought to you by Josh Trahan. Josh is a Level 3 Certified CrossFit Trainer and has been sober and in recovery for approximately 4 years. Josh’s interest in fitness and competition began in high school and continued off and on his entire adult life. After a battle with addiction, Josh found CrossFit while in recovery. He enjoyed CrossFit’s sense of community, passion, intensity, competition and functional fitness. He also saw many similarities between CrossFit and AA.

Josh began his CrossFit journey by training himself and his roommates. As time progressed, he lost a great deal of weight but gained back his life. In 2012, he started CrossFit Breaux Bridge. In 2015, he opened a second location, CrossFit St. Landry.

In Josh’s years as a CrossFit Affiliate Owner, he has always placed a strong emphasis on education. Josh holds nearly every additional certification offered through CrossFit’s training system including Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3. Josh is the first trainer in Louisiana to hold the CrossFit Level 3 certification, making him the first “Certified CrossFit Trainer” in the state.

In the process of bringing CrossFit to the local community at large, Josh never lost his original vision of using it specifically to help fellow addicts in recovery. This dream has become a reality. Josh currently holds a weekly group at Townsend Recovery Center where the vision for Sobriety WOD is being implemented. Sobriety WOD is Josh’s effort to bring this unconventional approach to total recovery directly to you.

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