In CrossFit we have a movement called the Muscle-Up.

It’s sexy. Therefore, it is a desirable achievement.

It involves jumping up and grabbing onto two rings and performing a movement that changes the athletes position from hanging below the rings to supporting himself on top of the rings.

Many people have asked me to help them get muscle-ups, and my first question is always, “how are your ring dips?”


Ring dips are not sexy. Most people don’t like to work on ring dips. But the the ring dip is where you find yourself once you get atop the rings.

I have seen people fail the muscle up, even though they are above the rings, because they can’t do ring dips.

I have seen people get hurt getting on top the rings from lacking capability upon their arrival.

They collapse under the weight of their own success.


We often think we know what we want.

We want the success. We want the money. We want the notoriety. We want the girl. That’s great.

But we have to continually ask the questions, “Who will we be when we get there?”

If we are fat-minded, we will still get fat once the pills are gone, the boot camp has ended, and the challenge is over.

If we are broke-minded, we will still be broke once the powerball winnings are spent, or the lucky deal is behind us.

If we are self-minded, we will still be selfish once the emotions of the new relationship or the new baby have faded.

What is your muscle-up?

How is your ring dip?