My recovery is affected way more by what happens in my life outside of the rooms than what happens in them.

It is great that I find myself able to act unselfishly, listen to people, share hope, serve, and love unconditionally while in recovery specific situations like meetings, working with others, and at approved events and outings.

But how effective is all of this for real and lasting change if my spirituality goes out the window as soon as I find myself engaged in less “spiritual” pursuits like work, or helping around the house, or in TRAFFIC?

The effect was nil.

Until my spiritual life overflows outside of my spiritual “situations,” progress will be slow and painful.

In much the same way, compartmentalizing my commitment to health and fitness to my time in the box will result in slow and painful progress, if any at all.

Even if I train for 1 hour a day, that leaves me 23 hours a day to fuck it all up. A 1:23 ratio is hardly a recipe for success.

As I must commit to taking my spiritual principles with me as I go about my day, I must commit to maintain my health and fitness principles outside of the box with equal zeal.