If we just meditated on that for a few minutes. We admitted….

How long did that take?

Step 1 could have started with “We knew” or “We realized” but it starts with “We admitted.” Admitted assumes we already knew. For many of us, we knew for a long time. If not knew, we probably had at least a really strong suspicion that we were not like our fellows.

Admission. When we give someone admission, it means we allow them to enter.

When we admitted, we were not bringing a new truth into existence that wasn’t there previously. All we were doing was allowing truth to enter. We gave it a ticket to get in.

I have a disease of denial. This means I’m really fucking good at it. It also means that all the truth in the world will not change me if I don’t admit it. If I don’t give it a ticket.

Once I had the “I admit” ball rolling, I also had to admit that I was pretty bad off physically as well.

I had to admit that being lazy, eating shitty, and not maintaining the one body I have been blessed to go through this life with was every bit as self-centered as any addiction I had ever indulged.

I had to admit that praying for health while eating oreos and watching TV was probably every bit as useless as praying for sobriety while loading a meth pipe. I had to give that truth a “ticket” as well.

For me, the spiritual and the physical are inextricably concatenated. They improve together, or they erode together.

This is the focus of SobrietyWoD.