Basically, the law of entropy says that everything tends to go to shit unless you put energy into it.

Alcoholism is a condition of spiritual entropy. Untreated, we get worse, never better. It’s like quicksand. Not only will getting out of it take work, but staying out of it will take work.

At first that sounds daunting. No one really wants to have to continue to put in effort just to stay where they are. Unfortunately, there are truths we just can’t get around. We call these principles.

What’s crazy though, is many of us will spend 10x’s the energy trying to get around these principles until we finally are brought to our senses and realize , “Damn, it would take a lot less effort to just do what I’m supposed to.”

I had the same experience with fitness. Years of trying to find tricks, and products, and hacks, and supplements, and medications, and surgeries, all out of refusal to just accept the obvious solution.

One of the biggest reasons I hesitated so long on both accounts was this idea I had built up in my head about how much it was going to suck. Turns out it doesn’t have to.

In my recovery I found out that there were some pretty amazing and interesting people who were already walking this path that were willing to hold my hand. I was ushered into rooms brimming with conviviality and laughter and my belief in mankind (some of mankind) was restored. These PEOPLE made this work not so bad.

This experience was replicated in my gym. Yes it’s hard. Yes it’s uncomfortable. Yes it’s a requirement for living a good life.

The spirit of it is, “Since there’s no way around it, we may as well have as much fun as we possibly can while we do it.”

Are you having fun?