Whenever we reach a long awaited goal in which we have invested a significant amount of time, energy, money, there is a rush.

The exhilaration we feel is typically proportional to our level of investment of the above resources. While everyone enjoys the high of success, it is when we most feel accomplished and on top of the world that we face a new and present danger.

The danger of achievement.

You’ve probably felt it to some degree at some point in your life. It usually comes with the question: “Now what?”

We are extremely vulnerable here. It is not uncommon to see ourselves make great strides in our fitness, health, and lives only to follow up with a subsequent return to our former selves.

We need a way to make it stick.

The reason for this is we are not wired for self-centeredness. While we are responsible for developing ourselves, the real purpose for our gifts, talents, abilities, and experiences are to turn around and help others.

In my recovery I learned that the only thing that makes it stick is helping others. To help someone else get what you got. What someone else helped you get.

Maybe it’s the same with fitness. Maybe when you’ve made some significant accomplishments in your fitness, or you feel like you’ve reached a plateau, helping someone else who is struggling could be exactly what you need stay on track.

Teach someone to squat. Teach them paleo. Better yet, squat with someone or cook with them. I dare you.