Faith is simply what we believe is going to happen later. If you work out, it is because you have faith that you it eventually lead to positive results. When that happens, faith grows.

If you don’t work out, it’s because of a lack of faith summed up in 1 or both of the following:

1) I can’t do it

2) It won’t work

Oddly, that’s exactly what kept me in my addiction for 8 years. When I finally gave it a try I learned 2 things.

1) That’s bullshit

2) That’s also bullshit as well

A huge part of recovery is honesty. What I have found is that those two reasons I gave earlier were just incomplete. When I got honest with myself I had to realize that what I really meant was:

1) I won’t do it

2) It won’t work because I won’t do it

But guess what.

1) I did do it

2) It did work.

I just needed a lot of help. We all do. We always will.