Without others, I don’t exist. I can’t be cruel, I can’t love, I can’t help or hurt, I can’t respect, I can’t give, I can’t receive, I can’t be unselfish, I can’t teach, I can’t learn, I can’t share.

Without you, there is no me. Without knowing you, I can’t know me.

People think CrossFit is competitive.

You decide that.

What CrossFit actually is, is COMPARATIVE.


These are not the same. Comparisons provide insight. Without knowing how “y’all” are doing, I don’t know how I am doing.

We need each other.

Sure I can know my squat went up. But I can’t know if it went up as much as it could’ve, or should’ve, or as much as everyone else’s did.

Sure I can get faster and fitter, but I will stop early if I don’t realize what is actually possible by watching others.

When we see someone put up some amazing score from a workout, that is not to make you feel bad about yourself. That is a COMPLETELY self-centered response. The point is to inspire you as to what is possible. To compel you to mimic that persons methods. To make you better.


The basic way recovery begins is through testimonies of success. People talk about how they got out of the abyss, how they were able to change. This is meant to inspire us. To give us hope.

To change we must move from, “that could never be my experience” to “maybe that could work for me too.”

We need each other to build each other up. The Bible calls it edification.

Try it.