Since getting sober, I have never looked back on a particular period of difficulty I have made it through without using and said, “Man I wish I would’ve gotten drunk.”

I have never regretted choosing sobriety.

Very similarly, I have never made the statement, “Man, I wish I hadn’t exercised and eaten well today.”

I have however, regretted drinking, and regretted poor fitness decisions.

I had a realization in early sobriety that no matter what the struggle I currently face is comprised off, I’d prefer to come out on the other end still sober.

I have also learned that no matter what struggle I face in life, It is preferable to come out on the other side still fit. Therefore my focus while navigating difficulties are:

1) Stay sober

2) Stay fit

Funny how often, within doing what I need to do to maintain those states, solutions to my “problems” seem to materialize almost automatically.