Sobriety WOD Seminar

Friday, January 19th – Sunday, January 21

Cost is $239. Lodging and meals are included unless you would prefer a private hotel room

Fly into Lafayette, LA Friday January 19th in the afternoon/evening we will provide rides to the location.

Our first seminar about a year ago went really well. We had 6 different gyms represented, all of whom went home to start programs in their gyms. Over the year we really took time to develop best practices and build content.

The year has been remarkable with growth and opportunity and are extremely excited to be rolling the program out a little further this year.

The seminar is unique. We get to know each other and really dig in to this massive addiction problem we are seeing and how join arms in the push back against it.

We plan to provide rides from and to the airport and if we keep it small, we can provide lodging and food as well.

The goal of the seminar is to help equip participants to start there own similar groups back home whether that be self branded or under the SobrietyWoD umbrella.

Currently there are a few programs and gyms offering fitness classes for people battling addiction.

SobrietyWoD is a little different.

We know that the addiction battle centers in the mind and we seek to thoughtfully engage participants in discussions and classes that look a little more deeply into the the purpose of fitness, the process of fitness, and how we can use the gym to learn and practice skills that help us stay healthy in all areas of our lives.

The primary focus of the seminar is to share with you lessons I have learned over 5 years of bringing this idea to life. I have tried and failed a few times. Changed the approach. Taken a ton of advice. And finally came up with something that I think is effective and easy to replicate in your own community. I have also been fortunate to have provided the program in a local treatment center for 2 years and been able to tweak the delivery for what seems to have the most significant impact.

We will cover:

  • Starting, Running, and Growing your own SobrietyWoD Squad
  • The Science behind SobrietyWoD
  • How to gather info and track your participants successes
  • How SobrietyWoD can help with class materials, and workout Selection for class
  • How to work with local halfway houses and treatment centers
  • The story of SobrietyWoD
  • The premise of SobrietyWoD
  • Collecting Data
  • How to start your squad
  • Telling people about  your squad
  • The SobrietyWoD difference
  • Structuring a class
  • Facilitating discussion
  • Capturing contact info
  • Creating SM content
  • What SobrietyWoD is and isn’t
  • How SobrietyWoD grows your gym
  • How SobrietyWoD grows your clients
  • How SobrietyWoD tightens your community

We will also do a couple actual SobrietyWoD classes together so you get the feel for it.

We are looking for people who feel passionately about the power of fitness in recovery and want to help spread the message to others!